Mann's Steel Frame

Mann's Stainless Steel Portable Bar

Mann's stainless steel portable bar has a welded box steel frame. The back of the bar and under the bar is all stainless steel.

Our steel framed - stainless steel bars are available in sizes from 4-feet to 10-feet with configuration to suite the needs of the customer.

The exterior bar covering could be; laminate, stain & lacquer, paint, tile, or whatever the customers' needs are.

The steel framed - stainless steel bar is a custom item and built on a per-order basis. The quote could include options such as; water system, sink, electrical system, soda system.  Most accommodations are possible.

This steel and stainless steel portable bar is indeed armor proof and meets health rules and regulations.

Special Pricing Note

Because of the metals market changing daily, a dated quote will be valid for 30 days only.