Mann's Econo Bar

(Available in 4-feet and 5-feet only)

Econo Bar Specifications

Specifications for 4' & 5' models

Model Econo Bar  
Model # E-48 E-60
Part # E-4 E-5
Dimensions 48" L
28" W
46" H
60" L
28" W
46" H
Weight 200 lb 275 lb

Standard Equipment

Exterior Walnut color of laminate only. Interior white laminate with metal floor.

5" casters.
36" speed rail.

1522 drop-in unit with 7 pass cold plate.

Options None

Mann's Econo bar is manufactured from the exact same high end material all other bars in our line are made from which is 95 P.S.I. M.D.O. Engineered Wood.

We use the same high tech casters and laminates that are used when manufacturing our Classic Series Bars.

The difference is in the time and labor. The Econo bar has straighter lines, which reduces production time, however, is a savings to our customers.

The end result is the same as in all of our portable bars...hard working with a very long service life.