Mann's Custom Bars

"The Schnitz" - Portland Center for The Performing Arts

Mann's will gladly accommodate custom bar requests --- whatever the design, configuration, color scheme or specifications.

We can also submit designs with your specific requirements in mind. Mann's has an extensive design department with many years of experience, ready to produce exactly what you or your customer needs. We have a vast selection of moldings, woods, and accessories to make your custom bar functional and unique.

Custom bar built for the
Mayflower Retirement Community, Winter Park Florida

Client Comments

Here's what our clients say about their custom designed bar.

"The Schnitz" as it is lovingly called by Portland residents, is the most distinctive and ornate of the Portland Center for Performing Arts' (PCPA) four theaters. The PCPA is nationally recognized as one of the top 10 performing arts centers in the nation, with over 900 performances in music, theatre, dance and lectures and over one million visitors annually.

Hopefully whatever prestige the Schnitzer holds, will reflect the prestige your fine quality workmanship and stellar service overall deserves.

Renee Pace MERC
Project Assistant. The PCPA theaters are managed and maintained by the Metropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission (MERC).

"I thank you for your exceptional care in making this wonderful piece of furniture. Also, thank you for your personalized service, it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I would be happy to recommend everyone to your company."

Paul Landsberg
Director Food & Beverage
Mayflower Retirement Community
Winter Park, FL


Custom bar built for the
King's Theatre, Brooklyn, New York