Standard Features on all Mann's Portable Bars

Interior - White laminated walls and white metal floor. Easy viewing and can be hosed out for simple cleaning.

Back Side or Bartender Area - Laminated in Black Crystal. Will not show glass rings or fingerprints. Custom product for Mann's.

Ice Chest - Standard Choices on all bars Ice Bins:

  • 15x22 stainless steel drop-in unit for can and bottle bar - 80lb capacity.
  • 15x22 stainless steel drop-in unit with 7-product cold plate - 80lb capacity.
  • 21x23 stainless steel drop-in unit -120lb capacity
Note: All drop-in units are insulated, with a center drain for melted ice water."  Bar Guns available.  Ice Bins available with or without cold plate.

Casters - Gray non-marring tire - grease fittings - top race and axle. Will roll over any surface and not cut carpets.

  • 5" x 2" smart wheels - set of 4
  • 10-foot model has 6" x 2" casters - set of 4

Speed Rails - Stainless steel detachable. Sizes are 22", 32", 42". Assigned to specific bar sizes. Standard equipment on bars.

Chip Guard - Above service counter and at base of back side of bar.

Bumper System - 1 1/2" stand-off bumper system 3-sided. 4-foot bar has corner rubber guards 4-sided. No base bumper is applied when a foot rail is attached.

Weight Capacity - All bars are designed to safely allow up to 2500 pounds of product inside bar. Caution should be taken when top loading bar.

Weight of Bars - Approximately 2/3 of 100 pounds per foot. Weight of Crate - approximately 150 pounds per bar. Example: 4-foot crated bar shipping - 400 pounds.

Finish - Colors: Cherry, Mahogany, Black Crystal laminate in a satin finish.

  • Classic Series: Standard grade laminate.
  • Regal Series: stain and lacquer with color of choice.

Mann's Custom Black Crystal Laminate - Standard on serving counter and in bartender work area.

Mann's Portable Bar Options

We offer the many options listed below. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask and we will do our best to meet your request.

  • Decorator colors or other brands
  • Brass corner guards
  • Brass foot rail
  • Chrome foot rail
  • Aluminum corner guards
  • Larger ice units
  • Larger cold plates
  • Larger casters
  • Hard surface counter or bar tops
  • Stainless steel service side counter tops
  • Hand washing sink
  • Hot water tanks
  • Electrical system with outlets
  • Doors with locks
  • Colored lacquers
  • Custom wood trim packages
  • Custom woods
  • Custom finishes
  • Custom glass works
  • Custom lighting
  • Pre-mix bar gun
  • Post-mix bar gun
  • Extra speed rails
  • Drawers
  • Spill rail or elbow rail
  • Drains
  • Pre-mix system
  • Post-mix system
  • Custom design for POS System
  • Gray water tank with hosing
  • Extended bar tops

Our Warranty

We warranty our bars to be of sound construction and design for up to 3 years.

Exclusions include deliberate abuse, altering equipment not manufactured by Mann’s or any damage caused by neglect, fire, accident or vandalism.