Frequently Asked Questions about Mann's Portable Bars

Q: Can I have two bartender stations?

A: Yes. Only on 6-7-8-10 foot models. This option will require a second ice-chest. Inquire about price.

Q: Can I have electric outlets on our bar?

A: Yes. An electric system would be installed with 110 volt and appointed outlets. Inquire about price.

Q: Can I have the Crown, Rose, or Wreath without the onlay design?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I have a water system on our bar?

A: Yes. The water system would include hot and cold running water. The water system requires an electrical system installed as well. Inquire about price.

Q: Can I have a shelf in our bar?

A: Yes. However, we do not recommend shelving. We have found as the shelf is fixed, other items are not reachable and you loose space which is valuable.

Q: Can you match the custom stain/paint color of our walls, or woodwork trim?

A: Yes. If the color is standard color from a named company. Company name, color and number required.

No. If the color has a specialized, custom glaze, paint or stain, then we cannot, as the originator usually will not release the components in order for us to duplicate the color.


Mann's Portable bar with Two Bartender Stations

Front bar with no onlay design

Front bar with shelving

Front bar with electrical outlet & water system